Two universal life struggles involve “accepting that all paths lead to the same destination” as well as “the need to discover the reconciliation of our physical domain with that of our spiritual soul is essential in leading us to achieve unbridled freedom and the restoration of our own Souls intended life purpose…”


Barb Peterson MS, CPC, Spiritual Life Coach  



The simple fact that you find yourself here sharing this specific moment in time with me, tells us both, you are indeed curious! Perhaps simply curious about what IS this thing some folks call “my life purpose?” and “what can/will a Spiritual Life Coach do for me anyway?” Years ago, I found myself pondering the very same essential questions as I began my then initial inward journey into discovering the spiritual essence of “me” and my soul’s true INTENT!

Through this wonderful

never ending journey...

I have since discovered at both a literal and visceral level one must pay attention to their ever unique Soul’s Intentions in order to grasp one’s essential life purpose and to this end set our INTENTIONS toward the successful attainment of living and honoring our own unique soul’s life purpose!

What can I expect going forward?

Well ”I am so thrilled you asked” as should your curiosity here now prompt you to want to explore a little further i.e. potentially partnering with me as your personal Spiritual Coach...I so welcome you to book a complimentary introductory Counseling or Coaching Session with me today! Then, upon completion of self introductions, and your initial sharings related to your past and present soul journeys, should you find my ever authentic upbeat, affirming motivating words and overall coaching style somehow strongly resonates for you (yes, at that gut level!)...well then, our exciting new journey together will be ready to begin!!!


During our initial coaching sessions, together we will gently explore your already known intuitive and conscious “soul’s intentions”. Further, through the completion of various “soul intent” self-assessment tools, a more vivid picture will emerge identifying your personal "truths and overall life assumptions”, your coping skills, key stages within your life's soul journey and ultimately a discovery of your accumulated unique life skills sets! Then in equal partnership, you will focus on defining week by week, and so forth, what areas of your LIFE  you wish to secure COACHING in and around.  My task therein will be to provide you with the utmost safe, non judging, affirming, motivating, healing, adaptive and supportive of environments!  

Barb Peterson MS, CPC, Spiritual Life Coach  

So if your time is NOW to begin exploring further into your SOUL’S INTENT


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