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Incessant Search


For many, in our incessant search for the essential answers to “Who Am I?”  we begin within a human conditioned state involving messages from outside sources insisting we seek first outside of ourselves to obtain the esoteric answers of the pure nature of our  soul being…These outside voices clammer on…

  • “We are what we do, think, and feel”
  • “We need others to obtain self fulfillment”
  • “We need to react vs. respond to outer forces”

While honoring our specific core, we will naturally begin to embrace “Who we truly are” and begin to live a truly fulfilling human existence free from the dependence  of outside distractions, people, places and things. Our motivations finally re-embrace the intrinsic forces and rely less upon those that are external.

In this internal search, it is important to find a way to being truly OPEN to our ongoing experiences. Be it feelings which we commonly try to avoid i.e. fear, anger,despair,shame, loneliness etc. As well as to examine what is our mind’s role at any given period...are we moving against, away or towards something in our ever sacred dance of human survival?  And what of seeking silence amidst any seemingly chaotic noises which inevitably would have us ultimately chaotically “react” rather than respond to our outside noise, stressors and stimuli. I believe finding periods of silence ultimately open our doors to be able to “respond” to any given outside stressors with a byproduct of living a much more serene and fulfilling human existence.


Further, so often our conditioned mind, would insist “we need to revise, fix. and constantly repair” to obtain a blissful state of nirvana. However, as one discovers one’s own internal essence through a place of self loving openness we can then discover we are perfect thus “irreparable”. If one truly embraces the truth “that we are enough, we are whole” with our universal collective spirit, it is here we are reintroduced to our true wonder, beauty, grace, truth and divinity that is ours infinitely.


Barb Peterson MS, CPC

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