Honoring Our Soul’s Intent

For each door which be sealed tightly closed, lies a dozen other wide open doorways just awaiting our gifted arrival!!! Be vigilant in what is put in front of us to merely NOTICE!

In making choices that resonate for you … you become aware of the vibration of life around you. Patience allows you to observe, to listen to your Intuition — your guide to the vibration of your senses.

As your awareness of your true surroundings increases, you may find your true Self, becoming more watch-full. American Native Elders say that when this happens you are becoming self/soul aware … aware of timeliness in what comes toward you, and in what you send out…

Forever, be mindful in following your SOUL’S Intuition. Allow it to guide you on your journey. Choose to focus on the quality of your SOUL’S journey, rather than on achieving some set forth destination.

Discovering the quality of your journey — your life’s vibration — is discovering … your SOUL’S intended choices ! Your choice of authenticity is a mere portal to opening the doors to your strength of purpose … your true relevance.

Each step you take upon the path of your Souls original Intent becomes deliberate, a conscious Choice. And with each, all of your senses are awakened. Your entire Be-ing becomes Aware!

This is your connection to Nature and the infinite energy abound!

Your body rises to the vibration of all the loving light energy around you as you become more attuned to your Self. As you notice more … you find there is more to notice. Suddenly, you are not ‘short’ of time … time is perfect for you!

Celebrate your patience through intuitive driven choices! Awaken through both gifted intuition and inspiration! Follow your SOUL’S infinite gifted intentions!!

Barb Peterson MS, CPC

Posted by Barb Peterson

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