My Soul Journey

My journey started while I was a very young youngster. I always had this very intense knowing that there was/is something “else”, something that I am universally in line with, something bigger. This constant nagging took me quite a few years to sort out considering I grew up in a Christian God fearing home where God and the Bible were not questioned.

So after my teens, I had an unfortunate experience within my then inbred/inherited catholic church’s doctrines and it’s core beliefs. This “unfortunate experience” turned into the greatest of blessings, as it prompted me towards a further in-depth spiritual research and discovery process!!!

I then went on to study psychology and was a crisis/trauma counselor as well as a patient/family healthcare advocate for many years, counseling whoever needed or came my way for any sort of guidance. Personally, my journey was one step at a time, and I , as the forever student…needed to learn a new way of thinking and experiencing life!

Following much reprogramming of both generational and early childhood ingrained shame, blame, and negative thinking…I settled into a new positive focused mentality and lifestyle, which is yet one of my cornerstones of existence. From that space, I am able to take on more or less anything, and my understanding of life has profoundly changed.

I have also embraced the conclusion that a good way to learn is to take on the challenges as they come and then learn the universal principles/wisdom connected to that particular problem. This was the only way I was able to learn and change my prior less serving space. I functioned much better when I was able to sort out one issue at a time and understood why it was there in the first place.

What made these lessons interesting was that, when you understand your issues, you can embrace them; and if you embrace them, you then recognize them at their core. The thing with issues is that they come around more than once in our lives: Once to learn and get to know them, whispering “please get this the first time…” and then thereafter only to reemerge to gently remind us once again of them. So it uniquely depends on you… how many times you choose to learn a particular lesson.

Most important in my current 3d world, is my great desire to want to grow in all of life’s facets; and from this place of strong desire, I lovingly guide. I can tell you all the challenging things that happened in my life… However, at the end of the day, I feel that I started living the day I chose to forever grow. Life prior to my now well developed “new life” is of no consequence.

Barb Peterson MS, CPC


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