Soulful Longings

Many of us spend enormous time and energy in our lifetime’s trying to sort out our Soul’s intentions specific to what is one to do “next”. Pouring through seemingly endless literature/video’s analyzing and reasoning out our future steps becomes exhaustive and sometimes so sadly fruitless!

In addition, many of us look deeply within our nightly dreams, synchronicities, illnesses, visions, inner inklings, musical vibrations and scribings, in search of any morsel of hidden treasured guidance.  We seek and so long to remember the ever diverse languages of our inner parts of our “me”. This being the essence of us, our Soul.

We are told that a few of us come into a lifetime, with full and ready recall…an inert immediate “longing of our Souls intent”! While the vast majority of us arrive with very limited to no remembrances of our original Soul’s intentions and life missions. Leaving so many, through ongoing trial and error, to somehow decipher our Soul’s specific language and thereby our underlying missions.

Eventually some of us discover that our Soul’s messages are instead found within subtle metaphors and present moment images which more often than not are quite suddenly felt deeply within our hearts, far from the feverish murmurings of our ego mind. Thus, allowing finally a portal for us to sift through that which was once defined as mysterious and out of our comprehensive reach.

It is here, where we learn ever so gradually, both to discern and then follow the words and messages from our open hearted source. That which was once so readily misunderstood or farfetched somehow becomes divine truth that resonates deep within our Soul’s core. When I learned how to read and understand the language of my Soul, my once darkened shadows and veils dissolved leaving a crystal clear visual of my Soul’s intent…to passionately love and help all others do the same. Yes, to re-remember our pre-lifetime agreements and our unique Soul’s ultimate missions.

Tragically, so many of us live our entire lives in this state of non-recall, a state of vague and confusing self meaning and Soul purpose. While all along our beautiful open hearted Soul’s endlessly trying to get our attention and attempt to prompt us to awaken again to the buried longings of our divine purpose and ever gifted state of grace. In summary, it all comes down to our gifted choice to either remain in a state of confusing lull or re-awaken to our divinely gifted and long awaited pre-agreed Soul’s intentions!


Barb Peterson MS, CPC

Posted by Barb Peterson

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