The Evolving Ego

Deeming our ego as “bad bad bad” is evolving beyond an old construct of the old world paradigm based upon lack of, scarcity, and separation… AND no longer fits within our new sense of unification encompassed within unconditional and universal love.

Although for many in today’s culture the ego is generally applied/defined as the main source of one’s dysfunctional personality traits. Whereby the ego is to “blame” for varying types of controlling, shaming, raging or any of the other obnoxious behaviors one puts forth into the collective.

Human’s have invested thousands of centuries, exploring  the effects of separation states from many masses of other people….seperation from both consciousness as well as from our own inner spiritual source. Each of which have fostered deep seated fears around scarcity in love and an overall lack of abundance. Fears which have promoted acts of jealousy, greed, and aggression towards those around us.

At present as we yet pay witness to the outcome of the now centuries old degradation of our planet and thus inner spirit…many are now committed to joining within a new stage of unified healing existence, based on love and compassion versus scarcity and separation…a bringing in of Heart Centered Consciousness thus an integration versus one of separation. Whereby violence will no longer be one’s underlying push back to the old construct of separation, thus allowing our souls to begin to self define our evolving ego’s.

Gentle souls with ever beautiful hearts will begin to find freedom within less self doubt based upon how we once defined our ego states. Our previous “enlightened teachers” will be replaced by our own inner souls source of universal truths and abundant love. In this new reality, any need for power over others will become mute and obsolete. One’s path will simply re emerge into a collective of self-empowerment. Allowing then the ego of the spiritually redefined to not be deemed as ‘the problem”.

Further through this integration, each soul will come to readily embrace the reality that our primary purpose in any given lifetime has and is to experience life from our own uniquely gifted individual perspectives within the collective of infinite possibilities. As we fully begin to truly integrate that our infinite being is the all-encompassing spiraling consciousness from life’s eternal Universal source.

Barb Peterson MS , CPC

Posted by Barb Peterson

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